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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Cyprus Province
We are not a secret order, we are an order with secrets.
Our greatest secret is our
“doing good by stealth”.

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Minor Lodges
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History of the
Provincial Grade Lodges
are established to
administer those Minor Lodges within its demographic area and they are made up of brethren from each of those Minor Lodges
under its control.
Provincial Grand Lodges usually meet on a monthly basis to deal with General Correspondence from Grand Lodge, disseminating such matters to the Minor Lodges as necessary, together with decisions on any other administrative matters which may have been presented to it.
Any 2nd, 3rd and 4th Degree Brother may attend and be eligible for election to its various offices within its rules of governance.  Those offices together with their present incumbents are listed here.

Provincial Grand Lodge Officers - 2016
Provincial Grand Primo
Immediate Past PGP
Deputy PGP
PG Secretary
PG Treasurer
PG Chamberlain
PG Tyler
PG Constable
PG Registrar
PG Alderman of Juniper
PG Alderman of Benevolence
PG Minstrel
PG Waiter

Minor Lodge Delegates
PG Delegate Aphrodite Bitter Lake Eric Hallam
PG Delegate Dhekelia Garrison Gary Dickinson
PG Delegate HOALT Colin D Sewell
PG Delegate James Mercury Richard Green
PG Delegate Tomb of the Kings Ian dungeon
PG Delegate Troodos Pride of Cyprus Mike Humphrey
PG Trustee Alan Gaddass
PG Trustee Nic Ashby
PG Trustee Mike Humphrey

Bro Mark Nowell KOM
Bro Colin Sewell KOM
Bro Neil Tunstall KOM
Bro Neil Tunstall KOM
Bro Danny Plows ROH
Bro John Howard ROH
Bro Mike Humphrey KOM
Bro Nick Ashby CP
Bro Alan Gaddass ROH
Bro Nick Palmer ROH
Bro Steve Gannon ROH
Bro Ian dungeon ROH
Bro Gary Dickinson CP
Knight Chapters

Cyprus Knights Chapters Number 262
The Cyprus Knights Chapter No 262 meets at 8 pm on the First Thursday of each month (July excepted) at the James Mercury Building,
Dhekelia Barracks
All Third and Fourth Degree Brethren are welcome to join us.

Berengaria Knights’ Chapter Number 326
The Berengaria Knights’ Chapter No. 326 was inaugurated in Limassol on 23 January 2011. Bro Danny Plows ROH was ill and regrettably was unable to perform the ceremony. He was aply replaced by Bro Stephen Leek ROH.
At the meeting held on 15 May 2011 Bro Stephen Leek ROH was installed as Knight President, Bro Rab Cruickshanks KOM having departed for the UK. Bro Ray Lish KOM was installed as Knight Vice President.

The Cyprus Roll of Honour Assembly No 211
was Inaugurated on 5th August 2010 at the James Mercury Building, Dhekelia Barracks, Cyprus by Bro William James Hall ROH, Past President of the Roll of Honour Assembly, Co Antrim No 6, Northern Ireland & PPGP Co Antrim No 7 PGL Northern Ireland, to name but two of his past offices, and who is currently a member of the Carrick Castle Lodge
No 7261, Grand Lodge of Northern Ireland.
The ceremony was carried out with all due solemnity with Bro Mike Thomson ROH being installed into the Presidents Chair.
All Roll of Honour Members will be made most welcome.