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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Cyprus Province
We are not a secret order, we are an order with secrets.
Our greatest secret is our
“doing good by stealth”.

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The Aphrodite bitter Lake Lodge No. 8418
meets every other Wednesday at the UKCA  Club in Limassol at 6pm
This is to allow the Paphos Lodge to meet there
on alternate Wednesdays
Aphrodite Lodge No 9573 changed to Aphrodite
Bitter Lake Lodge No 8418 in about 1981/82.
The longest serving member of the Lodge is
Bro Danny Plows R.O.H, who joined Aphrodite
Lodge No 9573 in 1972.
Holiday of a Lifetime (HOALT) is the Lodge’s principle charity.  HOALT has been running a long time. 1962 the children who were brought over from the UK were housed in Brothers’ own homes.
Our Secretary is Bro Stephen Leek R.O.H.
Email is
Mobile 99424421 in Cyprus.

The James Mercury
Lodge No 8599

was opened in 1953. It has moved about the
Island of Cyprus over the years and is
now based at Dhekelia Barracks, Larnaca,
next to the old customs building in our own
rented premises, actually, an old church.
We feel very lucky that the club is used
solely for the RAOB, and we consider the
premises as the flagship of the RAOB in Cyprus, as we have the facilities to exhibit all the Lodge’s antiquities and treasures (if you can call them that!). Huge improvements have been carried out by the members, and we now have a building we are proud of.
The lodge meets with 20 to 24 regular members, sometimes more, and we have 34 compliant members on the books.
Always check the website for events, which happen quite regularly, and also check <> for other social events we regularly have, including live bands.
All visitors will be made very welcome at any event we hold and you can almost guarantee a cheerful and enjoyable afternoon/night in our company.
All inquiries to the lodge secretary; Bro, Bill Condick KOM

The Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge No 10595
Was opened on the 2nd December 1996. The main reason for its opening was to keep the number of lodges on the island to an amount that would keep the island’s PGL viable. It was decided that it would be mainly  a civilian lodge and would meet in Limassol rather than on one of the military camps on Cyprus. This would make it easier for us to get visitors to lodge without having to go through security checks.
The first meeting was held on the 5th January 1997 in a local pub called the Ploughman’s Inn, whose landlord, Gordon, was also a Buff. As in many circumstances the Pub changed hands and we were forced to find an alternative meeting place. The Lodge now meets in the UKCA club in Limassol (the Chairman of the club was also a Buff).
The Lodge meets every alternate Sunday at 10 a.m. We meet with regular attendances of around 14 to 17 brethren each meeting. Visitors are, of course, always welcome.
For enquiries please contact our C Sec Bro.

The Dhekelia Garrison
Lodge 10677

is a new lodge and has been running since
2009 but has been successful and is now
quite affluent. The lodge shares some
members with James Mercury and vice
versa, it was designed to be a family
oriented lodge and has promoted
buffaloism through its social events held
after the lodge on Sunday afternoon.
Working with the benefit of a dedicated lodge room with its own tyle something of a rarity these days and the purpose built rostrums, as well as the very well stocked bar, it's fortunate to be able to hold social events.
The lodge is open every Sunday from 12 noon until 2pm and is attended regularly with 14 to 18 members but can swell considerably for events.
For further information contact
City Secretary, Bro Gary Davis

The Tomb of the Kings
Lodge No. 10678

The Lodge opened on 26th November
2010 making it the 5th on the island.
The Lodge meets every second
Wednesday at the UKCA Clubhouse in Limassol, starting at 1800 hours.
The Lodge Secretary is Bro Steve
Gannon ROH, whose telephone numbers
are (00357) 26273688 (home) and
(00357) 99834128 (mobile).
Any Brother visiting Paphos who would like to visit the Tomb of the Kings Lodge or any of the Limassol lodges please contact the Secretary, who will arrange a lift to Limassol.
Lodge No. 10692

The Lodge opened on in Speptember 2015 making it the 6th on the island.
The Lodge meets every second
first and 3rd Thursday at the Agrino pub starting 19:30 hours.
The Lodge Secretary is Neil Tunstall ROH